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Connect Care - Preparation

What has been done to date to prepare for Connect Care?

There is a significant amount of work that is being done to prepare for Connect Care, building on the work AHS healthcare providers are already doing to support patient care.  Eventually, with Connect Care in place, Albertans will benefit from the same quality and standards of care wherever they are in the province.

This work includes:

  • Implementing site-wide WiFi Services to enable site staff and physicians to wirelessly access the AHS network.
  • Building a single provider registry of physicians, surgeons and other regulated health care providers, used to confirm a healthcare provider’s identity and professional registration.
  • Working on a solution that will make documents easier to find so the right people can access them whenever they need them, rather than waiting for a paper chart to be delivered.
  • Developing methods of consistent record keeping among healthcare providers across the province.

Putting Connect Care in place will take place over time and will ensure that patient safety is not compromised as we change our processes and tools. This process may also require new policies or refinement of current policies. As we prepare the foundation for Connect Care, we first need to understand any current issues and barriers. To do that we have been asking patients, families, external stakeholders and AHS staff some strategic transformation questions. Work on these strategic transformation questions is ongoing.