Policies & Guidelines

AHS WiFi Safety
Alberta Health Services is committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, visitors and patients. The purpose of this document is to explain how AHS maintains the safety of our wireless networks by following the guidance provided through Health Canada Safety Code 6.

Alberta Pediatric RSV Prevention Program
The Alberta Pediatric Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Prevention Program is a collaborative effort of the Northern and Southern Alberta RSV Prevention Programs to identify and coordinate RSV Immunoprophylaxis for eligible infants and children residing in Alberta.

Cancer Guidelines
The recommendations contained in these guidelines are a consensus of the relevant Provincial Tumour Team synthesis of currently accepted approaches to management, derived from a review of relevant scientific literature.

Childhood Growth Monitoring
AHS is supporting childhood growth monitoring through the implementation of the Childhood Growth Measurement initiative and consistent, province-wide Growth Charts.

Clinical Policies & Procedures
Clinical policies and procedures that guided practice in the former regions and boards continue to remain in effect until replaced by an approved AHS clinical practice support document (e.g. policy, procedure, standard, or guideline).

Cognitive Screening
Six cognitive screening tools are available for use by healthcare providers in Alberta. These tools are clinically appropriate for use within diverse patient populations and characteristics.

Corporate Policies & Procedures
Corporate policies apply to all AHS portfolios, divisions, departments, and geographic areas within AHS.

EMS Medical Control Protocols
AHS EMS ground and air practitioners follow a set of evidence-based Medical Protocol Protocols when providing to care to patients. These protocols ensure consistent standards of care are being provided province-wide.

Ethics Framework
The Ethics Framework provides a one-stop-shop summary of the resources available to staff, physicians and volunteers to support ethical decision-making and build our collective ‘ethics IQ’.

Influenza: General Reference Documents & Guidelines
Infection, Prevention & Control Documents and Reference Documents for Health Professionals.

Information & Privacy and IT Security & Compliance
Basic Privacy & IT Security Awareness for Alberta Health Services employees and contracted affiliates.

Naloxone Resources
Naloxone is a drug that temporarily reverses effects of an opioid poisoning or overdose.

Nutrition Guidelines
The Nutrition Guidelines is a provincial resource that provides nurses, physicians, and other health professionals with consistent, evidence-based messaging for key nutrition topics.

Pediatric Codeine Formulary Restriction
The Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (DTC), in conjunction with the Pediatric Advisory Committee (PAC), has recently approved a formulary restriction on codeine which limits the use of codeine-containing products to adults (patients over the age of eighteen), within all AHS facilities.

Safe Surgery Checklist
The Safe Surgery Checklist is a communication safety tool and part of Alberta Health Services’ commitment to improving patient safety and providing quality care.

Safety Expectations
Alberta Health Services is committed to providing a respectful environment and outlines expectations and responsibilities of our health care workers, patients and visitors.

Sexual & Reproductive Health
Best practices for STI's and contraception, including The Blue Book Standards for the Management and Evaluation of STI Clinic Clients. Also available, clinical practice guidelines for cancer screening and transgender healthcare.

Transfusion Medicine Resources
The Transfusion Medicine resources have been developed by the provincial Transfusion Medicine Network as a source of information for nurses, physicians and other health professionals involved in the transfusion of blood components or blood products. This information supports a standardized, evidence based approach to safe transfusion of patients in Alberta.