Nutrition eLearning

Information for Health Professionals

Public Health Nutrition

These nutrition modules were designed for AHS health professionals working in public health settings. Module content is aligned with provincial Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Infants and Young Children.

AHS Staff

To obtain proof of course completion for Required Organizational Learning (ROL), AHS staff must complete these eLearning modules on MyLearningLink, accessible on Insite.

Students & Non-AHS Staff

Access the Nutrition eLearning modules using the links below. These courses are provided for information only and do not generate a certificate of completion or other proof of course completion.


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eLearning Modules

  • Drinks for Infants and Children
    Provides practical feeding and nutrition recommendations on beverages including water, infant formula, cow’s milk, plant-based beverages, and juice.
  • Infant Formulas
    Provides information on the types of infant formulas available on the market and recommendations for their use.
  • Introduction of Complementary Foods
    Provides practical feeding and nutrition recommendations on the introduction of complementary foods, also known as solid foods.
  • Management of Constipation in Healthy Infants and Children
    Provides information on normal bowel routines in infants and young children, defining and assessing constipation, as well as nutrition recommendations for managing constipation.
  • Nutrition for Lactation
    Provides information on the parental diet while breastfeeding, addresses common diet-related questions, with focus to help the breastfeeding parent achieve a nutritionally adequate diet to support lactation.
  • The Feeding Relationship
    Describes what the feeding relationship is and explains the role of both the parent and child.
  • Toddler and Preschooler Nutrition
    Covers the nutrition basics for toddlers and preschoolers including what makes up a healthy, balanced meal and snack, as well as reviewing eating skills and behaviors at different ages.
  • Safe Preparation and Handling of Infant Formulas
    Reviews sterilizing water and feeding equipment, different forms of infant formula, and recommendations for preparing, warming, and feeding of infant formula.
  • Vitamin D for Infants and Children
    Reviews the importance of vitamin D, recommended intakes, sources, and supplements.

Growth Charts

These modules were developed for health professionals in public health and clinical settings.  Time to complete each module will vary from around 10-20 minutes.