Vendor Bid Appeal Reports

AHS is committed to a fair and open Request For Proposal (RFP) process that ensures all vendors are treated equally and their proposals are evaluated in a fair and consistent manner against the criteria outlined in the RFP.

Vendors who do not feel their proposals have been fairly reviewed may raise their concerns through the New West Partnership Agreement (NWPTA) dispute resolution process, which AHS follows for appeals.

The appeal procedure includes a review by AHS’ Internal Audit department into the RFP evaluation process and resulting award decision. Their review and recommendations are presented to an appeal panel made up of senior AHS management who were not involved in the original RFP bid process, which is the subject of the appeal, but are knowledgeable of the procurement processes.

The appeal panel reviews the work done by Internal Audit and makes a decision with respect to the appeal. The work done by Internal Audit and the appeal panel’s decision and any related recommendations are documented in a report that is presented to the vendors and shared with the public. The names of the appellant and winning bidder in these reports are protected for reasons of confidentiality.