Grande Cache is currently without network, landline or cellphone services

911 calls can still be made from cellphones but 911 calls cannot be made from landlines. The Grande Cache Community Health Complex remains open and continues to provide care to all patients. EMS continues to be available for area residents. The cause of the issue is being investigated by Telus.

Our People Strategy


Because We Are Stronger Together



Alberta’s health care system belongs to Albertans, whether they are seeking care, or providing care. We want Albertans that work for and with AHS engaged and involved in what we do, and that’s what Our People Strategy does.

Our People Strategy is about creating a culture in which everyone feels safe, healthy, and valued, and can reach their full potential. We believe Our People Strategy, once fully implemented, will improve workforce engagement, which, in turn, will improve patient and family experiences. Developed by engaging and involving tens of thousands of people, from our frontline staff, managers, physicians, volunteers, patient and family advisors and important partners such as the unions and regulatory bodies, Our People Strategy is about how we work better together.

Our vision, “Healthy Albertans. Healthy Communities. Together., and our core values – AHS Cares (compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and safety) are inextricably tied to Our People Strategy.

Our People Strategy works together with our three other foundational strategies – Patient First Strategy, Strategy for Clinical Health Research, Innovation & Analytics Strategy, and our Information Management and Information Technology Strategy. Together, they guide our efforts sustain safe, high-quality health-care delivery for the benefit of all Albertans.

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