Compensation Disclosure

Alberta Health Services is committed to transparency and has complied with legislation to disclose compensation for employees receiving over the 2022 threshold amount of $141,183 in compensation as outlined in the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act.

For 2023, the threshold amount set by the Alberta Government will affect employees earning more than $150,219. AHS is required by legislation to disclose compensation information for the 2023 calendar year by June 30, 2024.

The compensation information released is total annual compensation, which includes base salary, overtime, shift premiums, weekend premiums, on-call pay, sick pay, vacation pay, benefits and relevant severance. In some cases, the amount of compensation disclosed reflects the significant amount of additional hours and overtime that many health care workers have worked responding to demands on the health system. This disclosure also includes AHS former board members, regardless of the amount of compensation they have received in the past year.

AHS is a large organization — the largest health care organization in the country. The AHS disclosure list includes approximately 1.9 per cent of AHS staff and AHS-employed physicians, or about 2,131 direct AHS employees. Approximately 55 per cent of this group is unionized staff, including registered nurses, paramedics, technicians, psychologists, mental health therapists and pharmacists, among others. 45 per cent are non-union staff, including medical and senior leaders, and frontline clinical staff such as unit managers, nurse practitioners, clinical leads, pathologists, dentists, physicians, and lab scientists, among others.

AHS regularly posts of the AHS executive team and former board on the external website. AHS executive team and former board salaries and total severance information are also disclosed as part of our annual audited AHS consolidated financial statements.

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Statement of Remuneration

These data are licenced under the Open Government Licence - Alberta:


Compensation: Income plus taxable benefits paid to a member or employee. Excludes severance.
Other (non-monetary benefits): If total compensation exceeds the 2022 threshold of $141,183, non-taxable benefits, including the public sector body’s share of pension, dental and health spending accounts and other benefits must also be disclosed.
Severance: Includes payments when employment or member’s appointment ends or retiring allowance.
Attachments (when required): An employment contract or severance agreement for employees who receive over the 2022 threshold of $141,183 annually in compensation and/or severance. Links open as PDF files.


For inquiries related to this disclosure, including information about the exemption process, please contact Susan McGillivray, Senior Program Officer, HR Talent & Workforce Strategies.

University of Alberta Secondments

Dr. Verna Yiu (former President and CEO) served as interim President & Chief Executive Officer from January 1, 2016 to June 2, 2016. During this time she was seconded from the University of Alberta and paid through University of Alberta payroll. Dr. Yiu was appointed AHS’ President & Chief Executive Officer on June 3, 2016. As the appointment occurred part way through the year, Dr. Yiu had been included in both AHS’ and the University of Alberta’s required disclosures. Dr. Yiu’s role as President and CEO with AHS ended on April 4, 2022. These are not duplicate disclosures and are cumulative. More

Kathryn Todd (former Vice President, Research, Innovation, and Analytics) was not an employee of AHS in 2017, but was seconded from the University of Alberta. She was included as part of both AHS’ and the University of Alberta’s required disclosures in the interest of transparency. This is a duplicate disclosure by both organizations for the same compensation and is not cumulative. It should also be noted that not all compensation listed is attributable to her duties at AHS, as she also performed duties for the University of Alberta during this period. More

Annual Audited Consolidated Financial Statements

Please note: there will be variances between the Annual Audited Consolidated Financial Statements and what is included in the compensation disclosure, as the financial statements are based on the fiscal year (Apr 1 – Mar 31), while the compensation disclosure is calculated on the calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31) and/or when compensation is paid.