MacNeill Family Short Stay Surgical Unit

Alberta Children's Hospital

Service Description / Contact Information

For Your Stay

You will need to bring the paperwork that you received from the Admitting Department. For a more detailed list of what to bring, view complete packing list.

If you bring other children, try to bring another adult with you or arrange childcare through Emily’s backyard.

Parking Information

Finding Us

Take the main elevators up to the 3rd floor and proceed to the MacNeill Family Short Stay Surgical Unit.

What to Expect

When you arrive at the Short Stay Surgical Unit you will be greeted by the Unit Clerk at the front desk:

The Unit Clerk will need to review the paperwork that was given to you from the Admitting Department
You and your child will then be directed to a room to wait for a nurse

Your child will:

  • Change into a hospital gown or pajamas and receive an identification band and other bands as needed
  • Have their blood pressure, temperature, pulse, oxygen level and breathing rate, height and weight checked and recorded
  • Have a brief physical exam
  • Have numbing cream put on both hands for the intravenous line
  • Get any pre-operative medication as ordered by the doctor
  • Have tests completed before the surgery, if needed

For girls 12 years of age or older, your child will be asked to provide a routine urine sample for pregnancy testing.

For more information on this please read our Routine Pregnancy Testing Before Treatment patient care handout. We recommend that you talk with your child about this before the day of surgery.

Potentially receive a drink on arrival depending on the OR schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns please talk to your child’s nurse and they will answer as best as they can.

Once your child is ready for surgery, he or she can play with toys, read, or watch a movie until the OR is ready for your child. We will do our best to keep you informed of any delays in the schedule.

While You Wait

Once your child is safely in the Operating Room you will be directed to the Day Surgery Waiting Room
It is encouraged that you eat and drink while your child is in surgery and you are welcome to bring food or drinks into this area
When your child’s surgery is finished, your child’s surgeon will look for you in the waiting room to speak with you. Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • What can I expect my child's recovery to be like over the next few days?
  • What type of problems should I be concerned about or watch out for?
  • What should I do if any of these problems occur?
  • When can my child go back to school or resume other activities such as sports, dance, or swimming?
  • Do I need to schedule a follow-up appointment?

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