Specialty Access

Alberta Surgical Initiative

Transforming Healthcare

Providing support for all points of a patient's specialty care journey. Co-designed with primary care, specialty care and patients to improve processes and services.

Clear pathways. Helpful advice. Better referrals.

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Alberta's Pathway Hub

Alberta's Pathway Hub

Transforming Healthcare, One Pathway at a Time

  • All pathways, one site
  • Co-developed by patients, primary and specialty care
  • Clinical Pathways – Helping providers manage care in the medical home
  • Referral Pathways – Clear processes for seamless referrals
  • Patient Pathways – Informing patient self-management

Questions or Feedback? Email albertapathways@ahs.ca



Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment

FAST: Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment

Transforming Healthcare, One Referral at a Time

  • Central access and intake referral program
  • Co-designed streamlined and standardized forms and pathways
  • Distribution to next available provider or the specialist/zone of your choice
  • Transparency for patients and providers

Questions or Feedback? Email abfast@ahs.ca



Specialty Advice

Specialty Advice

Transforming Healthcare, One Conversation at a Time

  • Non-urgent advice for physicians
  • Specialist advice electronically or by telephone
  • Supporting primary care providers in the community
  • Timely replies to provider clinical questions

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Specialty Access Collaboration

Specialty Access projects are a collaboration between Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Medical Association's Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT), primary care, specialty care, allied health and the patient and family advisors group. Indigenous representatives and organizations from across Alberta have also been involved in this work.