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Foothills Medical Centre

Patient Orientation

The patient orientation series provides information about your stay in hospital. It covers information on your healthcare team, services and amenities, room arrangements, visitors, and more.


You and your care team will work together during your stay to make a care plan to help you get ready for discharge. Your care team meets every day to talk about your anticipated (expected) discharge date to make sure the right resources and help are in place to support you when you leave the hospital. If you have concerns please let your care team know. We try to get our discharges done before 11 a.m.

Hand Washing

Washing your hands is the best way to stop spreading germs. Everyone should wash their hands before and after visiting, using the washroom, or eating.

Internet, Phones & TV

Free Wi-Fi is available in most areas. Open your web browser and accept Terms and Conditions to connect. The Wi-Fi username is healthspot - no password is needed. Please set your cell phone to vibrate. Please don’t use your phone when your care team is giving you care.

There may be a TV at your bedside for you to watch. Please turn down the volume between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. to respect others.

Let's Move

Research has shown that staying active while in hospital can shorten the time you need to recover, improve your strength and allow you to sleep better. In addition, staying active helps with your overall mood, helps you better manage pain, and helps fight infection. People who stay in bed are at risk of losing their ability to move around and do their own care. Ask your care team about the best way to prevent complications such as weakness, blood clots and pressure injuries and how to stay safe while being active in hospital.

Meals Matter

Meals are delivered to your room in most areas. It’s best for you to sit in a chair for meals if you can. If you have questions about your diet, talk with your nurse, dietitian, or call Food Services. There are small kitchens in most areas. Ask your nurse about drinks and snacks between meals.

Pet Visitation

Patients’ personal pets are welcome to visit at the Foothills Medical Centre. Having a patient’s own pet visit while in hospital can “pawsitively” benefit health and well-being! There are some very important considerations when making the decision to bring in a patient’s personal pet for visitation, and all pets need to be approved prior to visiting at the Foothills Medical Centre. Here’s what you need to know.

Questions & Contact Information

Your care team will check with you or your family to make sure you understand the services and care provided. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback, talk to your care team, Unit Manager, or the Patient Relations Department.

Scents, Smoking & Tobacco

For the health and safety of patients, visitors and the care teams, please do not use scented products like perfume or cologne in patient areas. Please check with unit regarding flowers.

Smoking, tobacco, and tobacco-like products such as e-cigarettes or vapour producing products are not allowed on Alberta Health Services property. If you’d like to quit smoking, talk to your care team about helpful resources or visit MyHealth Alberta’s quitting smoking page.

Right Patient Right Care & Your Medication

To give you the safest possible care, staff are expected to use two ways of identifying you every time they give you medicine, or do tests or procedures. This may include: asking your name, checking personal health care number, hospital ID number, or birth date.

For your safety your care team needs an up-to-date list of all the medicines, natural remedies, and vitamins you take. Please let the care team know if you are allergic to any medicine. If you need to take any medicines from home, let your care team know before you do. You’ll get an updated medicine list for you and your family doctor when you’re discharged (go home).

Services & Amenities

Shift Report

Staff may ask if it’s okay to give a shift report at your bedside. Shift report is a quick one minute handover between the staff coming on and those going home. You’re part of your healthcare team and are welcome to join in.

Shift change is usually around 7 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Visitors & Parking

We don’t have set visiting hours. Your family and friends are welcome to visit and support you anytime during your stay. If they’re sick please ask them to wait until they feel better before they come see you. Ask your nurse about pet visiting.

Daily, weekly, and monthly parking passes are available. Ask your care team about authorization for monthly parking passes and contact the Parking Office for general information on parking at FMC. For where to find pay stations, parking lots, and parking offices visit the  FMC Parking page.

Your Healthcare Team

Many healthcare providers work together to provide you the best possible care. The most important part of the team is you. You’ll be included in the decisions about your care and treatment. Let us know what matters most to you.

Your care team will tell you their name and why they’re here to see you. If they forget please feel free to ask them.

Your Belongings

The safest place for any other personal items is at home. If you have things that can’t be sent home please ask your care team about how to keep them safe. The hospital isn’t responsible for lost or stolen items. Please send valuables home. For Lost and Found, contact Protective Services at 403-944-1152.

Your Health Record

Your care team will keep both paper and electronic records of your care. Visit Access and Disclosure to find out how you can obtain a copy of your health record.

Your Whiteboard

There are whiteboards near each bedside. On this board is the date, who’s on your care team, your appointments, and your goals for the day. You’ll also see your anticipated date of discharge (when you might be going home). This date may change based on daily discussions with you and your care team. You, your family, and your care team can write comments or questions to or for each other. Your care team will meet with you every day to review and update this information. Please let them know if you or your family have any concerns or questions.

Orientation Brochures

Orientation brochures in different languages: