Patient Information

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

For Your Appointment

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During Your Stay

Important Things To Know

For additional clinic information, refer to Programs & Services.

What to Bring
We encourage you to bring only essential items such as sleepwear, toiletries and comfortable street clothes for your stay. Indoor shoes with a low heel, rubber soles and good traction are best. They will provide support and prevent slips. It will be easier to do physical therapy in comfortable clothing, i.e. sweat/yoga pants and T-shirt rather than a hospital gown. Also, bring any items that will make you feel more at home, i.e. books, music, photos and cards. Children and teens may wish to bring their favourite stuffed animals, dolls, toys or books etc.

To keep your items secure, we recommend you keep your clothing in your room closet, your bedside table or your suitcase. Dentures are best stored in a container in the top drawer of your bedside table. Do not place them on your food tray or on bed linen. Items such as glasses and hearing aids are best kept in a case when you are not wearing them and should be placed in the top drawer of your bedside table with your name on the item/case.

What to Leave at Home
We urge you to leave your valuables at home and bring only enough money for items such as magazines or snacks. Please ensure your personal items are hidden from plain view and are secure when not in use. Alberta Health Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items. A key is available to lock the top drawer of your beside table; keep your key with you at all times. For safety reasons, please do not bring radios, hairdryers or other electric devices.

Any medication you need to take while at the hospital will be ordered for you by your doctor. Please don’t bring medicine from home unless your doctor asks you to. Ensure that a staff member checks your ID bracelet before giving you any medications.

Your Care Team
Upon your arrival at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital you will have an interdisciplinary team assigned to work with you on your rehabilitation journey.  Your Care Team may be comprised of physicians and healthcare professionals and may include nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, pharmacists, social workers, recreation therapists, audiologists and others. All Glenrose employees wear a photo identification badge while on duty; if you are not sure who someone is or what their role is, please ask.

Communicating and Understanding
You have a right to understand what your rehabilitation involves, so if you have any questions about your care, please feel free to ask one of the team members involved. If you require other assistance, including interpretation or translation, tell the staff members on your unit and they will try to assist you. You may also wish to have a family member or friend speak for you if you are not able.

Confidentiality, Privacy and Respect
We are committed to preserving individual dignity and to being respectful of patients and their families. Any information provided to your team will be respected and handled confidentially and will not be disclosed or discussed with anyone other than those authorized to receive such information, unless disclosure is required by law.

Family Conference
You, your family and caregivers will be active partners with your team. A family/caregiver conference may be scheduled to share information, discuss your progress, set treatment goals and plan for your discharge once your rehabilitation at the Glenrose is complete.

A Typical Day at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
When you wake up and have breakfast, you will want to check your individual schedule, as therapy sessions will be scheduled throughout the day. There will be a whiteboard in your room beside your bed, which will include important information. It lists the names of your nurse/therapists/doctors. It will also include appointments, tests and your anticipated date of discharge. Patients and family members are encouraged to share important information and communication with staff on the whiteboard.

After each therapy session, there will be the opportunity to rest. Your family member/caregiver may attend some of your therapy sessions with you, if you like. After lunch, there will be scheduled therapy sessions and there will also be time to read, nap, listen to music or watch television. After dinner, you might spend time with visitors or with other patients. Evening activities will also be available. Further information may be obtained by checking the Recreation Calendars/Leisure Guides on the unit bulletin boards or by calling Recreation Therapy at 780-735-7985. Nighttime interruptions are minimized, so you will feel rested for the next day’s activities.

Washers and dryers are available for your use at no charge on the 3rd and 4th floors in the GlenWest building. Please bring your own detergent and fabric softener.

Personal mail is delivered to patient rooms daily. Outgoing mail can be dropped off at the Canada Post mailbox located between the two sets of doors at the main entrance.