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Urogynecology Care in Alberta

Urogynecology is a field of healthcare that concerns female pelvic floor health. Urogynecology providers diagnose and treat a variety of pelvic floor conditions. These conditions can include pelvic organ prolapse (occurs when your organs drop because the pelvic floor muscles are weak), incontinence (leaking urine or stool), voiding issues and other pelvic floor disorders. 

Care is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of physicians (urogynecologists) who provide medical and surgical treatment of pelvic floor issues. Other members of the health team can include nurse practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, and dietitians.

Pelvic Floor issues can arise in women of all ages (including new mothers with perineal tears).

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Free webinars hosted by AHS Pelvic Health Physiotherapists. These private and interactive sessions are designed to help you learn about and manage your pelvic health needs. 

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