Patient & Family Centred Care in Action

Patient Experience

What is Patient & Family Centred Care?

Respect and Dignity. Patient and family knowledge, diversity, strengths, values, and beliefs are listened to and included in the planning and delivery of care.

Information Sharing. Patients and families receive timely, complete, and accurate information in a way they understand to partner in care and decision making.

Participation. Patients and families are essential members of the care team.

Collaboration. Patients and families collaborate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of care services.

Patient and Family Centred Care and Patient Engagement are two key ways AHS improves patient experience.

Sharing events, resources, and ideas on how you and your teams improve patient experience is how we continue to grow as a patient-centred culture.

In recognition of all the hard work each and every one of you do, we have created a Together4Health page.

Need more resources? Visit Together4Health.


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