Shared Commitments

Patients and their families are at the centre of all we do and every decision we make at Alberta Health Services. Healthcare is rooted in people and the way we relate to one another; that’s why we created a set of Shared Commitments between patients and healthcare providers.

The goal of the Shared Commitments is to improve the healthcare experiences of Albertans by engaging them in their own care and by helping healthcare providers build strong and trusting relationships with them. We invite you to learn more about the Shared Commitments and find out how you can help bring them to life.

The Shared Commitments

The Shared Commitments were developed to address areas that most frequently impact the healthcare experience of patients and their families. Patients, families and AHS healthcare providers have a shared responsibility to bring them to life.

Together we can:

Be Partners

You know your health best. You and your chosen support persons are welcomed as partners in care. You can participate fully as a member of the care team by asking questions, sharing your healthcare goals, and telling us how you want your chosen support persons involved. We respect the choices you make around your care.

Embrace Compassion & Respect

Healthcare is better when we treat one another with compassion, dignity, and respect. If you feel you have not been treated with respect or your needs have not been met, let us know. We will take steps to understand your views and improve your experience.

Be Inclusive

Our goal is to offer everyone welcoming places and spaces where all people are safe, respected and accepted. When you share your beliefs, values, cultural practices and what matters to you, we shape more inclusive and supportive care together.

Build Understanding

When talking with you we are clear and open, so you are empowered to act. We will listen, ask you questions, and ensure you can access your health information. By letting us know about you and your health, we can offer you the information and care you need.

Honour Privacy & Confidentiality

We need to collect, use and share specific health and personal information about you while providing you with care. We will keep your information secure and support your privacy. You can tell us who you want your information shared with, to help provide you support. You can also support the privacy of other patients and providers by obtaining permission if you wish to take a picture or make a recording.

Discuss Your Concerns

We work to make everyone feel safe, encouraged, and able to talk about quality and safety concerns. You can talk with us about what’s helped in your care and how we can improve. We’re committed to giving you open, timely ways to share feedback with us.

Promote Safe, High-Quality Care

We support your health and well-being by providing safe, high-quality care based on evidence and best practices. We will work with you to create a care plan that you are able to follow. If you feel anything is missing, let us know.

Champion Access

We are committed to equitable healthcare access for all Albertans through inclusive environments and practices. By letting us know if you face specific challenges that impact your ability to receive care, we can explore options to support you.


As part of AHS’ commitment to being a leader in healthcare and ensuring patients, families and healthcare providers are partners in care, we identified the opportunity to have a standard, provincial approach to patient rights and responsibilities.

In 2022, we started working with more than 70+ internal and external stakeholder groups, including our Patient & Family Advisory Council, staff and healthcare providers, to develop and provide feedback on the Shared Commitments. They were rolled out across AHS in April 2024.

Patient & Family Resources

Resources to help patients and families understand the Shared Commitments and how you can bring them to life.

Additional Resources


For questions about Shared Commitments, talk to your healthcare provider.

For feedback or concerns about your care or other services you received while in AHS care, speak to your healthcare team directly so they can be addressed immediately.

If you still have feedback or concerns, contact Patient Relations.