Provincial PPE Safety Coach Program

Infection Prevention & Control

Appropriate use of PPE continues to be central to our fight against COVID-19, on the frontlines.

Alberta Health Services’ Provincial PPE Safety Coach Program ensures all AHS frontline staff feel supported in selecting and donning and doffing the PPE that will protect them from COVID-19, as per the point of care risk assessment completed every patient, every time.

AHS site leadership and unit management work with staff and physicians to identify coaches.

If you have been identified by your leader, please complete the below five step training program. Training is delivered virtually and anticipated to take two hours.

This is a voluntary program, which adopts a peer-to-peer approach. PPE Safety Coaches will be available and accessible on each shift, as experts supporting frontline staff using a friendly, informal and helpful approach. Their role will not be to audit, but to support and work together with staff and physicians. See FAQ for more info.

Note: If you are an AHS subsidiary or AHS contracted service provider in continuing care, email for more information on becoming a PPE Safety Coach and launching the program in your area.

Becoming a PPE Safety Coach

Before you begin, confirm with your immediate supervisor that they support you completing the training required to become a PPE Safety Coach.

If you have support from your immediate supervisor, complete the following five steps.

Step 2: Training Module

Complete the self-directed PPE Safety Coach training.

Step 3: PPE Demonstration

Demonstrate donning and doffing PPE required for contact and droplet precautions to your immediate supervisor (or designate). The PPE Checklist for Contact and Droplet Precautions, Donning PPE Poster and Doffing PPE Poster can be referenced to confirm correct donning and doffing has been performed.

Step 4: Self-Assessment

Complete the self-assessment. A score of 80% or higher is required on the self-assessment. Your score will be displayed at the end of the self-assessment.

Step 5: Competency Check

After passing the self-assessment, a member of the Provincial PPE Safety Coach Program will contact with you within five (5) business days with further instructions that include setting up a one-on-one competency check. A score of 80% or higher is required on the competency check.

Supporting Resources

Need Help?

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