WalkABle Alberta

After completing the Walkability Roadshow, Alberta Health Services compiled the knowledge and lessons learned to create a pilot program dedicated to making communities more walkable.

After working with international experts and applying best practices from across the world, AHS developed the WalkABle Alberta program. WalkABle Alberta has since been providing resources and support for communities across the province.

For more information on what WalkABle Alberta can do for your community view and download our flyer or email

WalkABle Alberta has produced resources to support communities to promote walkability including an infographic on the economic benefits of walkability and a guiding document, empowering communities to improve walkability; a trail guide for download.

WalkABle Alberta works with provincial and local walkability champions to work with community stakeholders to build local strategies that would help create walkable communities. Some of the key activities could include:

  • walkability presentations
  • professional workshops
  • community walkabouts
  • community meetings
  • feedback sessions

Following the WalkAble Alberta process specific to the needs of each community, a summary of work done was provided to each community:

In January 2018 WalkABle Alberta re-connected with each community that participated in WalkABle Alberta through telephone interviews to learn about the progress made since the community visit. Comments and recommendations collected from the interviews were compiled into broader themes and can be viewed in A Summary of Community Interviews.

In February 2018 WalkABle Alberta provided an academic poster presentation at the Active Living Research Conference in Banff Alberta. You can view The WalkABle Alberta program: Informed change to community walkability in Alberta.