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Renal Fitness Challenge

Everyone knows the advantages of exercise, but for renal patients, keeping fit is more than just another challenge. The Renal Fitness Challenge is a unique concept aimed at helping patients not only achieve important healthier lifestyle goals, but also to provide them with some amazing medical benefits. By placing personal health goals into an exciting and inspirational context, the program aims to motivate renal patients to achieve a higher level of health and happiness.

Research has shown that exercising during a hemodialysis session increases the treatment's effectiveness, and that a certain level of activity is very beneficial for renal patients. To encourage patients to begin, continue, and improve their use of exercise bikes on properly equipped dialysis units, the Renal Fitness Challenge takes patients on virtual tours of interesting places around the world. The patients learn about the history and geography of different regions while their own distances gained on exercise bikes propel their teams forward. The program significantly contributes to the health and welfare of renal patients in Alberta.

The Renal Fitness Challenge also promotes awareness of the benefits of exercise bikes on dialysis units. Through future expansion to include a growing number of dialysis units in Alberta and one day beyond, the Renal Fitness Challenge has the potential to provide long term benefits for renal patients across the country.

2022 TV & Movie Locations for Kidney March

This year marks the 12th anniversary of the Kidney March Patient Exercise challenge, and Alberta Kidney Care patients and staff, in partnership with The Kidney Foundation of Canada, are keeping active!

In this version of our annual exercise challenge, 7 teams of dialysis patients combined their exercise and activity distances on a route of Alberta TV & Movie Recording Locations. This year’s dialysis teams worked together for a total of 86,466 Km. to reach their goals and improve their overall health and happiness.

Started: 2022-06-01
Finished:  2022-09-08

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