Advance Care Planning / Goals of Care
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What Matters to You? Day June 6thWhat Matters to You?

April 16th is Advance Care Planning (ACP) day across Canada. Alberta Health Services Advance Care Planning and the What Matters to You? initiative have partnered to encourage patients, families and staff to talk about what is important to them.

Having a What Matters to You? conversation is a great starter for more in-depth conversation about your future healthcare wishes in the event of injury or serious illness. Check out the WMTY website for more information.

Conversations Matter
It's about decisions and how we care for  each other

Although Advance Care Planning conversations don’t always result in determining a Goals of Care Designation they are useful building blocks to conversations.

Advance Care Planning is a way to help you think about talk about and document wishes for health care.

Goals of Care Designation is a medical order used to describe and communicate the general aim or focus of care including the preferred location of that care.



Quality Improvement Project

Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care Designations (ACP/GCD) is fundamental to patient and family centered care. All teams are encouraged to continually evaluate and improve their ACP/GCD practices to help patients and families receive more, better and earlier ACP/GCD conversations. This information will help you conduct a targeted program specific quality improvement project.

Information for Patients & Families

New to ACP GCD?

General Information

Micro Learnings

E Learning Modules

Target audience: frontline physicians, nurses, allied health care workers, health care aides, social workers and unit clerks or anyone wanting to learn more about advance care planning in Alberta.

Four learning topics target specific aspects of the policy

  1. Advance Care Planning Basics
  2. Documents and Workflow
  3. Goals of Care Designations (Adult, Pediatric and EMS case scenarios)
  4. Personal Directives

Upon entering the course, you will select a learning path most relevant to your role and care setting.

How to Access the Module

For Clinicians

This module is meant for all clinicians with direct patient contact.

AHS Clinicians

Register for this module through MyLearningLink by searching for Advance Care Planning (# 200957).

Non AHS Clinicians

The following web version can be accessed below. A certificate can be printed upon successful completion.

Fast Fact Sheet

Policy / Forms / QI

General Information

Policy & Procedure


Tools & Resources

General Information

Video Series

Useful tools to show patients and families as they learn more about Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care Designation

Guidebook: Conversations Matter

For patients and families. Offers a ‘how-to’ approach to Advance Care Planning with an emphasis on the importance of engaging in conversations over time with loved ones and health care providers. Available in 7 different languages.

How to Use My Green Sleeve and Personal Directive

The Green Sleeve is a plastic pocket that holds your advance care planning forms. See below for more information and related videos on the right.

Special Guidance


Position Statements

Tools & Resources

E-Learning Module

A 45-minute interactive e-learning module describes the Advance Care Planning Goals of Care Designation policy and framework that, as part of the advance care planning process, guides clinical decision making in times of crisis and throughout the lifespan.

This module is required for all clinicians with direct patient contact. All physicians, nurses, allied health care workers and anyone wanting to increase knowledge and understanding about Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care should complete this learning module.

Select Pediatric content as you enter the module.

AHS Employees

Remember to login using an AHS computer.

  • Register for this module through MyLearningLink

Non AHS Employees


All Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care Designation supplies are ordered through DATAOnline.

Alberta Health Services Users

AHS users need to provide a Cost Centre to set up an account with DATA Communications Management.

Non Alberta Health Services Users

Note that a valid credit card number will be required to set up an account however these items are provided free of charge.

General Public

Able to request the following from their family doctor or any Alberta Health Services health care provider.

For more information email