Bridging the Gap

Alberta Addiction & Mental Health Research Partnership Program

Bridging the Gap is an Alberta Addiction and Mental Health Research Partnership Program produced resource for addiction and mental health practitioners. Each edition of the e-newsletter will focus on one of our four research priorities or cross cutting themes, and through it, we hope to:

  • provide practitioners with a brief summary of some of the latest research and publications in the field of addiction and mental health, and
  • highlight the implications for practice of this recent research.

Note that this e-newsletter provides structured accounts of research on a given topic, based on a limited search of the literature for recent publications. We do not thoroughly assess the quality of the research identified so this publication acts as a signpost for further reading and assessment, rather than as a definitive account of what should be included in clinical practice.

To view current and past issues of "Bridging the Gap" visit the E-newsletter: Bridging the Gap Archive.

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