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About Primary Healthcare

Primary healthcare is a healthcare system that supports Albertans to be as healthy as they can be.

Primary health care draws on the expertise of many different providers working together to provide seamless care by sharing:

  • perspectives
  • expertise
  • resources
  • accountability

It is important for health professionals working in primary healthcare to have access to the latest, evidence-based resources, tools and education to assist with the delivery of quality care to patients.

ChangeMakers Series

The provincial Primary Health Care program has created a series of podcasts that centres on several key themes which are meaningful, practical and honours the expertise that each of us brings to a project, initiative or team.

To learn more, visit ChangeMakers Series.

Education for non-AHS Healthcare Professionals

The Primary Health Care Learning Portal – providing education targeted to the advancement of primary care.

AHS staff should visit MyLearningLink.

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Primary Health Care Integration Network

The Primary Health Care (PHC) Integration Network is focused on improving transitions of care between primary healthcare providers and acute care, emergency departments, specialized services and other community services.

This will support Albertans to get the care and social supports they need in the communities where they live.

Addiction & Mental Health

Every one of us can be affected by addiction, mental health problems and illness at any stage of our life.

Chronic Diseases & Conditions

People living with a chronic condition may benefit from special therapy, education and training to help them manage their condition.

Community Rehabilitation

Community rehabilitation refers to ambulatory services that are available in outpatient and specialized clinics, community health centres and other community settings across Alberta.

Diverse Populations

Evidence shows that some of the most vulnerable segments of diverse populations are disproportionately impacted by chronic disease.

Lifestyle & Prevention

Health care providers can find tools and resources to support patients with approaches to healthy lifestyle.

Seniors Health

Seniors Health focuses on providing high quality health services that promote wellness, independence and choice. The unique needs of individuals are respected through a person-centred approach.

Programs, Services & Partnerships

There are a number of programs and services within AHS that support chronic disease management, as well as offer tools for healthcare providers to assist in the delivery of self-managed care.