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Swallowing Button Batteries is Dangerous

Know what to do if this happens to your child or loved one. Prevention is the best way to avoid serious injury.

Preventing Children from Swallowing Button Batteries

Button batteries are common items found in the home. Serious injury, even death, can occur as a result of swallowing these batteries.

Button batteries are found in small electronic devices. Your child can access these batteries from a variety of items including musical greeting cards, games/toys, calculators, watches, flashing jewelry and shoes. Because of what they look like and their size, children can mistake them for food or candy. Swallowed batteries can lead to choking or cause chemical burns in your child’s airway, in as little as 2 hours. A child may also experience injury if a battery is placed in their nose, ears or any other body opening.

Preventing your child or loved one from swallowing batteries is the best way to avoid serious injury.

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Smart Risk Approach

The Alberta Health Services Provincial Injury Prevention Program (PIPP) supports a smart risk approach to injury prevention.

Risk is a part of life. While you can’t make all risks go away, you can manage most of them.

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