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adults playing in the snow

There are many fun activities we can do to stay active in the winter and enjoy the outdoors! These Winter Safety tips will help you and your family be safe and reduce injuries during the cold winter months.

Preventing Falls

Winter is a wonderful time to be active and enjoy the many outdoor recreational opportunities the season provides us. However, winter months come with increased risk of slipping and falling. It is important to stay active while reducing your risk of falls or other injuries. Whether its ice skating, hockey, snowboarding, sledding, urban pole walking, snow shoeing, skiing or other activities, remember to:

  • Dress in breathable warm layers for colder temperatures.
  • Take care when walking on slippery surfaces. Check out Walk Like a Penguin for more information.
  • Wear the gear designed for each specific activity, e.g. sport specific helmet, walking boots with good grips.
  • Get trained (take lessons) if learning a new sport.
  • Get outside, play and have FUN!

Learn more about how to keep kids safe during winter play by visiting Parachute Canada’s Winter Safety tips.

Anyone in Alberta with a health concern can dial 811 or visit Health Link, Health Advice 24/7, for more information.

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Smart Risk Approach

The Alberta Health Services Provincial Injury Prevention Program (PIPP) supports a smart risk approach to injury prevention.

Risk is a part of life. While you can’t make all risks go away, you can manage most of them.

Learn more, visit - Smart Risk Approach.