Winter Recreation Safety

Injury Prevention & Safety

The winter provides many opportunities for families to be active. Recreation activities such as sledding, skating, downhill skiing and snowboarding are popular. To help your clients decrease risk of injury while enjoying winter sports and recreation, please refer to the key messages below.

Key Messages

  • Safe environments – encourage clients to check the weather forecast for items like ice conditions and temperature before participating in outdoor activities.
  • Safe equipment – advise clients that children should be wearing the proper gear for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding and skating. Clients can visit Parachute Canada for more winter safety information.
  • Proper supervision – remind clients to actively supervise young children during activities.
  • Age-appropriate activities – some activities are not appropriate for young children. Snowmobiles, for example, are not recommended for children because their motor skills, perception, field of vision, and judgment capabilities are not equal to those of an adult.