Hand Hygiene Reviewer Training

Infection Prevention & Control

If you are an AHS subsidiary or AHS contracted service provider in continuing care, email hand.hygiene@ahs.ca for more information on becoming a hand hygiene reviewer in your area.

The IPC Hand Hygiene Program currently does not host any hand hygiene reviewer training materials, including courses or resources on MyLearningLink.

Before you begin, confirm with your immediate supervisor that they support you completing the training required to become a hand hygiene reviewer.

If you have support from your immediate supervisor, complete the following five steps.


Guide to Conduct Hand Hygiene Reviews

Read the Guide to Conduct Hand Hygiene Reviews.


Training Modules

There are ten (10) self-directed modules that cover information on key principles and scenarios about hand hygiene reviews and the Clean Hands System that will help you become a successful hand hygiene reviewer. These modules are designed to be viewed in consecutive order and can be replayed, if needed.

Identify your method(s) of data collection (i.e., iPad and/or Paper Tool). View all modules on this page. If you are planning to use only one method of data collection, view the appropriate Module 6: Data Entry – iPad or Module 6: Data Entry – Paper Tool.



Complete the hand hygiene reviewer training self-assessment. A score of 80% or higher is required on the self-assessment. Your score will be displayed at the end of the self-assessment.


Competency Check

After passing the self-assessment, a member of the IPC Hand Hygiene Program will contact you within five (5) business days with further instructions that include setting up a competency check.


Submit Required Forms

After completing the competency check, submit the required forms to have a Clean Hands System account created. These forms and information about your Clean Hands System account will be emailed to you. After receiving your account information, you will then be able to access the Clean Hands Portal. 

Note: Clean Hands System accounts are locked after 90 days of inactivity. If your account is locked, email hand.hygiene@ahs.ca to have it unlocked.