Patient & Visitor Information

Kaye Edmonton Clinic

The following resources are listed below to help you and your loved ones navigate the Kaye Edmonton Clinic during your visit or stay.


Wheelchair depots are located at the main entrance and parkade entrances to the Kaye Edmonton Clinic. Wheelchairs must be returned to any of the depots when leaving the site.

Accessibility Friendly Features
Barrier-free and family friendly washrooms are available throughout the site.

Accessible parking is available near the elevator entrances on levels 2-4 of the parkade. Appropriate placards must be displayed. Note that the walking distances in the facility are significant. Please bring your own mobility aids if required.

For more on parking view the Kaye Edmonton Clinic parking sheet.


Information Desk
Located on Level 1 and Level 2

An RBC bank machine (ATM) is located on Level 1 near the parkade elevators

Public Resource Centre
Located in the University of Alberta Hospital on Level 1, the centre has an extensive health information library that is available to patients and their family members.

Lost and Found
To check for lost items, call Security at 780-407-8347. Learn more (located at the University of Alberta Hospital)

Protective Services
Responsible for the safety of patients, staff and visitors. Learn more (located at the University of Alberta Hospital)

Help & Support

Help in Tough Times
At some point in our lives we all face tough times and we can be impacted directly or indirectly by such things as financial pressures or unexpected problems. Learn more

Mental Health Help Line
Available 24/7, confidential, providing information about mental health programs and services. Learn more

Spiritual Care
Find spiritual and emotional support during your visit to the site. Learn more (located at the University of Alberta Hospital)

Out-of-town Visitors
Retail & Food Services

Rexall Pharmacy is located on the main floor of the KEC. Learn more.

Vending Machines
Vending machines are found on each level by the main elevators. The main elevators are on the east side of the building, by the atrium windows.

Food Kiosk
Kaye Edmonton Clinic's Cafe is located on Level 1 (main floor) just inside the main entrance.  Kiosk features gourmet coffee, soup, sandwiches, and snacks. Learn more.


Staying Connected

Taxi, DATS and courtesy phones are located on level 1 near the parkade (west side of KEC). Additional courtesy phones are available at the Information Desks and in some waiting rooms.

Free WiFi is available on site.

Your Voice

Advance Care Planning: Preparing for Your Future Healthcare
Will your family and health care team know your wishes, in case your ability to speak for yourself becomes affected? Learn more

Patient Feedback
Alberta Health Services values your input; we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us further improve the quality of Alberta’s health care system. Learn more

Patient-First Strategy
Albertans have told us they want health care that engages patients and families as full partners in their own care. Learn more

Thanks For Caring
If you missed the opportunity to thank someone for the care you received, now’s your chance. Learn more

Working Together: CoACT
Helping patients, families and care providers communicate and work together. Learn more