Clinical Assistants

Medical Staff

What is a Clinical Assistant?

A Clinical or Clinical / Surgical Assistant (CA) functions as a mid-level provider under the supervision and direction of physician supervisor(s) to provide acute care coverage in various medical departments.

Job duties often include:

  • Conducting a complete physical examination
  • Writing appropriate orders
  • Documenting patient history
  • Developing a treatment plan in consultation with the attending / supervising physician
  • Entering orders into the patient care electronic or manual system
  • Surgical Assistants may also provide pre- and post-operative care as well as intra-operative surgical assistance

The CA Pre-Screening Process

Before an IMG can begin to apply for CA position with AHS they must meet the requirements of the pre-screening process.

To begin the pre-screening process complete this application form and submit necessary documents to

Successful applicants will receive a letter indicating they have passed the pre-screening process. They can then begin applying for CA positions. 

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