Medical Staff

Alberta’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world and physicians in Alberta experience a variety of challenging and rewarding opportunities while also enjoying a high standard of living.

Whether you are interested in practicing in a large hospital in an urban centre or a small community clinic in a rural area, Alberta offers plenty of choices to suit your skills and interests.

Practice Opportunities – Search & Apply

All vacant AHS physician practice opportunities are posted on our physician recruitment website, visit Doctor Jobs Alberta.

Practice opportunities across a broad range of specialties are available, including:

General Practitioners & Family Physicians: are licensed health care professionals and are educated in the general practice, with opportunities to focus their practice in specialized areas.

Specialist Physicians: are trained and certified to provide patient care within a specific discipline. They also act as consultants to other physicians; perform surgery and supervise surgical procedures; and may conduct research on the nature, cause and development of diseases.

Other Providers: AHS also recruits non-physician practitioners, such as dentists and podiatrists.

For more physician-specific information related to AHS, visit our AHS Medical Staff homepage.

International Medical Graduate (IMG) Opportunities

AHS provides select International Medical Graduates (IMG), Clinical Assistants (CA) and Physician Assistants (PA) the opportunity to work for AHS on a limited practice license. For more information and opportunities, visit our webpages for Physician Assistant and Clinical Assistant.

Medical Student Opportunities

As a service provider, AHS does not lead the education and/or training of medical students. Medical education in Alberta is administered by the two medical schools in Alberta:

Both universities offer undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training programs. For more information, visit our Medical Residents webpage.

Physician Workforce Planning

AHS' 2021-22 Physician Workforce Plan & Forecast helps the organization understand its current physician workforce and give a picture of future needs. This report was developed in partnership with zone medical leaders, and includes forecasts over a ten-year horizon for specialists, and over a three-year horizon for family physicians.

The report highlights that Alberta is a place where there are opportunities for doctors, as well as the importance of deliberate recruitment planning to ensure that AHS and its physician workforce meet the needs of Alberta in the years ahead.