Nutrition Screening

Information for Health Professionals

Not getting enough nutrition puts someone at nutrition risk. Nutrition risk means there is a chance of developing health issues or diseases that may affect physical functioning due to muscle loss, bone loss, and malnutrition. These complications can lead to serious health problems that can affect the ability to be independent.

Researchers have found that asking specific questions about nutrition can find people who are at low, medium, or high risk of developing health problems. This is called nutrition screening.

The tools below can be used by health professionals and community organizations to help set up nutrition screening for older adults (recommended 65+) in your clinic, facility or organization.

In Your Community

Build Awareness

Information Sheet


Getting Started

  • Nutrition Screening: Community Guide to Success - helping older adults get the nutrition care and supports they need to stay healthy as they age.
    • Nutrition Screening Tool: SCREEN-8 
    • Nutrition Care Pathway for Older Adults (65+)
    • Making Sense of SCREEN-8: Referrals and Resources
  • SCREEN-8 Self Screen | Print-Friendly - larger font version to offer older adults as a nutrition screening option.



Presentations with Speaker Notes

In Hospital


Tip Sheets

To learn more on how you can support your patients’ nutrition in hospital, visit Tools to Address Malnutrition