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Tools to Address Malnutrition

Healthy Eating to Address Malnutrition, Healthy Eating Starts Here

For Healthcare Providers

Sips to Stop Malnutrition (Med Pass Toolkit)

The Sips to Stop Malnutrition (Med Pass Toolkit) shows how to implement Med Pass – a program that gives patients small sips of nutrition supplement drinks between meals. This toolkit is meant for any health care provider who wants to improve patients’ nutrition at their care setting.

Time to Eat Toolkit

The Time to Eat Toolkit is for healthcare providers who want to lead change in patient mealtimes at their care setting. It can be used in pediatric, adult and elder care settings. It contains tools and resources to support all stages from planning to sustaining change.

Canadian Nutrition Screening Tool

  • Frequently Asked Questions - This one page document gives a brief overview of the Canadian Nutrition Screening tool’s purpose.
  • Presentation - This presentation is intended for healthcare audiences and it gives an overview of the impacts of malnutrition and how the Canadian Nutrition Screening tool can help identify it.

For Healthcare Providers & Patients

Tip Sheets

Provide tips to improve nutrition. Talk to your team about how best to use these tip sheets at your site.

For children:

For adults:

Mini Posters

Highlight the benefits of good nutrition, and provide simple tips to eat well. Talk to your team about how best to use these mini posters at your site.

Healthy Eating at Child Care Centres