Prenatal Nutrition Tool

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Development of the Tool

The Prenatal Nutrition Tool was developed to support care providers working with pregnant clients. The tool helps to focus conversations on nutrition topics that influence maternal and infant health outcomes. A key component of the tool is the conversation guide that supports care providers to have meaningful client centred conversations with pregnant clients.

The tool was developed using a systematic process that combined up-to-date research with input from nutrition experts and care providers who work with pregnant clients. Client feedback was used to refine the final tool questions. We would like to give a special acknowledgement to Alberta projects of the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program for their involvement in the tool development.

The Prenatal Nutrition Tool is not intended to be used as a patient handout. It is also not a screening tool for medical conditions, such as gestational diabetes, or a replacement for an in-depth prenatal nutrition assessment.

About the Tool

The Prenatal Nutrition Tool has two parts:

  • Part 1: Questionnaire
  • Part 2: Conversation Guide

The Questionnaire is 13 questions and covers 4 topic areas:

  • Pregnancy Weight Gain
  • Multivitamins
  • Life Circumstances
  • Overall Food Intake

The Conversation Guide supports care providers to have conversations with clients on key nutrition topics.

Training Video

A Training Video (length: 12 minutes) describes the purpose of the Prenatal Nutrition Tool Questionnaire and Conversation Guide. It also provides an overview of how to administer the tool.


We are interested in your feedback. Once you have used the tool, complete this short evaluation.

Aspects of use and adoption of the Prenatal Nutrition Tool were evaluated in 2021. Findings are being used to make improvements to it. View the Prenatal Nutrition Tool: 2021 Evaluation Activities Report

Further Information

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Quick Reference

Access pictorial client handouts to support all pregnant clients including people with limited reading skills or limited English language skills.

Visit Nutrition Education.