Right Care Alberta

Information for Patients & Families

Right Care Alberta is about helping patients, families, and healthcare providers choose evidence-based care that is appropriate, effective, and sustainable.

Right Care Alberta is focused on building relationships between patients and providers, increasing trust, and giving patients a bigger voice and choice in their care.

If you are a health provider, see Right Care Alberta – Information for Health Providers.

The right care for every Albertan. Every time.

Evidence Based - Patients can trust that their healthcare providers’ recommendations are based on knowledge, safety and best practices.

Necessary - Not all tests and treatments work for every patient. By staying focused on individual patient needs, we can ensure resources are there for those who really need them.

Person-Centred - Every care experience is unique and requires listening and learning. That’s why every decision that involves treatments and tests is based on the patient voice and values.

Safe - Care focuses on collaborating as a healthcare team to determine what is best for patients, based on clinical evidence and expertise.

Respectful - Each patient’s voice and values play an important role in their care journey.

Shared Decision Making

Patients and families are important partners in the Right Care Alberta approach through active participation in Shared Decision Making.

Shared Decision Making is defined as “collaboration between patients and providers, which considers patients' values and preferences alongside evidence to make the best decisions.” Reference: National Library of Medicine

Ultimately, anytime there are more than one evidence-based options for a health decision, including the option to do nothing, shared decision making between both the patient and provider will lead to the best possible outcomes. To be successful, shared decision making requires both patients and providers to have the awareness, desire, knowledge and resources to work together.

What does this Mean for You?

You are an active member of your healthcare team and partner with your health care providers to choose which evidence-based options align best with your preferences and values.

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To find out more regarding the Right Care Alberta approach, our efforts to facilitate Shared Decision Making, or to get involved as a patient/family advisor please email i.hot@ahs.ca.