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Engaging the people of Alberta is essential to embed the core principles of patient- and family-centred care into the work of the Primary Health Care Integration Network (PHCIN).


Our Approach

The PHCIN includes representation from each of Alberta’s five health zones: North, Edmonton, Central, Calgary and South.

Patients and families are engaged as partners to inform priorities and co-design integration solutions. This ensures solutions developed and implemented by zones, community health providers, and Primary Care Networks are patient- and family-centred and shaped by the needs of ‘real people' - patients, residents, families and caregivers in Alberta.

Get Involved

As a patient and family advisor, your voice and expertise is important, and there are many ways to volunteer. You can join the Virtual Patient Engagement Network (VPEN) or a primary care advisory committee, participate in a virtual consultation, assist with the review and development of patient resources, partner on a research grant, and more!


  • Share your story and what matters most to you.
  • Bring your voice and experience to Primary Health Care initiatives.
  • Connect with other advisors partnering with Primary Health Care.
  • Transform initiatives to be truly person-centred.
  • Help create a more integrated healthcare experience for Albertans.
  • Co-design integration solutions WITH Primary Health Care as partners.

How to become a Patient and Family Advisor and current opportunities

Primary Health Care Virtual Patient Engagement Network

The Primary Health Care Virtual Patient Engagement Network (VPEN) is a platform that connects patients, families and caregivers with people and teams working in primary healthcare.

Patient and family advisors are matched to primary healthcare projects and initiatives that best fit their experiences, interests and availability. These partnerships model a different way of working where front line staff, clinicians, leaders, patients and families work alongside one another to co-design healthcare integration solutions.

Learn More about Our Patient and Family Advisors Contributions

Patient and family advisors have contributed to a diverse range of PHCIN initiatives, ensuring our work is patient and family centred. Examples:


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