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The Cancer Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) brings together stakeholders from across the province from prevention, health care, research, and policy to lead and support evidence-informed improvements and bring innovation to health care.


Cancer Strategic Clinical Network: Improving cancer care in Alberta featured in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)


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Please note that the Cancer SCN is not a clinical program.

Please visit Cancer Care Alberta for information and resources about AHS Cancer services.

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Ideas and input of all stakeholders, including patients and families, are welcome:

To learn more, or become more involved, contact

Network Members

Leadership Team

Barbara O'Neill
Senior Provincial Director

Dr. Douglas Stewart
Senior Medical Director

Dr. Paula Robson
Scientific Director

Angela Estey
Executive Director

Tara Bond

Dr. Anna Pujadas Botey
Assistant Scientific Director

Dr. Adam Elwi
Senior Project Manager

Core Committee Members

Each SCN has a Core Committee whose members provide important insights into its work. The Committee helps identify emerging issues, assists with priority setting, and contributes to planning and solution design. Members are proponents of change, bringing not only a wide range of expertise and experience, but also voices of and access to broader communities that can be mobilized when required to advance innovation and health system improvements. The Cancer SCN Core Committee includes patients and families, representatives from national and provincial organizations, clinical leaders and experts, researchers, primary care, operational leaders (provincial and zone), and government.

View a full list of the Cancer SCN's Core Committee members.

News, Updates

Recipient of 2019 President’s Excellence Award

The Provincial Breast Health Initiative was the recipient of the President’s Excellence Award for Quality Improvement. This award recognizes an individual and/or a team who made evidence-based quality improvements in the health system which achieved improved health outcomes for patients and their families and/or organization or clinical effectiveness.

Cancer SCN Quarterly Updates

The Cancer Strategic Clinical Network is committed to sharing updates about the work we do. Find out more about our projects and results in our quarterly newsletter.




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Learn more about our current initiatives and accomplishments by visiting Cancer SCN Projects.

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Arising from Cancer SCN Initiatives


The Cancer SCN is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to co-develop an application to the CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship (HSIF) program. If the application is successful, the fellow will have a range of opportunities to lead and/or contribute to the development and completion of priority health systems research in the Alberta cancer care context with the Cancer SCN team during a period of 24 months. The deadline for expressions of interest is November 30, 2020.  Learn more, view Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity with the Cancer SCN and visit the HSIF website.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Anna Pujadas Botey, Assistant Scientific Director, Cancer SCN (

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