Gastroenterology Outpatient Program

South Health Campus

To help you and your family prepare for clinic appointments directions and contact information for Gastroenterology Outpatient Programs at South Health Campus are available under each of the different Gastroenterology areas.

All referrals to our service go through Gastrointestinal (GI) Central Triage at fax 403-944-6540 where all the referrals are centralized and seen at one of the three sites in Calgary (Foothillls Hospital / Peter Lougheed Hospital / South Health Campus). Once an appointment is available, the clinic will call you or send you a letter telling you the date and time of your appointment.

Remember to bring your healthcare card and photo ID with you when you come. If you don't your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

The following resources will provide you with information on how to make your surgery experience at the South Health Campus better:

Under Gastroenterology Outpatient Program we have the following programs: