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Pre-Operative Support & Education (POSE)

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For Your Appointment

At this appointment, a pediatric nurse will provide pre-operative education and resources to help parents and caregivers prepare their child for surgery. Depending on the child's medical history and anticipated surgical procedure, this appointment may be completed over the phone or in person. This appointment may take up to 30 minutes by phone and up to 2 hours for an in-person visit.

In-person visits will take place in the Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC) located in 1C3.

More information about how to prepare your child for surgery at the Stollery can be found at Your Child’s Surgery


  • Check with clinic staff before bringing any food or drink into the waiting area.

Remember to bring:

If your child is required to see a nurse in-person, bring:

  • A current list of all the medicine your child takes. This includes over the-counter medicines like vitamins and herbal supplements. If you need help with the list, you can ask your pharmacy for a printout or use Medication Lists and Tools
  • Books, games, and other items to keep your child busy while you wait

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Finding Us

From the East Public Parkade, cross the pedway, pass the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute information desk. Continue straight down the hall until the t-intersection (blue wall).Turn right and head into the main area of the University of Alberta Hospital. Look for the spiral staircase or the glass elevators to take you to Level 1. Look for the Rexall Pharmacy. Continue towards the glass exit doors to 114 Street.  The Stollery Pre- Admission Clinic will be on your left.

From the Health Sciences/Jubilee LRT station (LRT ETS Info), enter the 114 street entrance, with the Stollery bear located above the door. The Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic is on your immediate right.

From the Public Underground Parking, take the elevators to Level 1. Unit 1C3 – Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic is located in the south-west section on Level 1 near the Rexall Pharmacy.

From the hospital entrances on 112th Street, you will enter on Level 1. Unit 1C3 – Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic is located in the south-west section on Level 1 near the Rexall Pharmacy.

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What to Expect

A nurse will speak with you by telephone to discuss the best way to prepare your child for surgery. You may be asked questions about your child’s health and will be provided with information about what to expect during your child’s hospital stay.

Any questions or concerns about your child’s hospital stay will be answered. The nurse will also make sure that if there are any tests that your child’s surgeon has requested, are done before the day of surgery. For more health information, go to

Some children may be referred for an in-person appointment. Patients and families that require language interpretation will benefit from attending this in-person visit with a nurse.

Easing Your Child's Fears

If your child is very anxious about surgery, contact the Stollery Child Life Program to speak with a child life specialist. They can provide resources and information on the best way to prepare your child for surgery.

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At home – After Care

Be prepared to care for your child at home after surgery.  Have over the counter pain medicine like Tylenol®, Tempra®, Advil® or Motrin® ready at home. If you would like generic brands for these medications or have any questions about these medicines, ask a pharmacist for assistance. Stock up on fluids such as soups, popsicles, juices and solid foods that your child likes to eat and are easy to digest.

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Family Resources

For more information about your child’s surgery refer to Enter the name of your child’s surgery into the search field.

For You and Your Child