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For Your Appointment

Your child’s surgeon has requested that your child be seen by an anesthesiologist before surgery. An anesthesiologist is a doctor with special training who gives medicine to your child so that your child is unconscious and will not feel pain during the surgery.


  • Food or drink is not allowed in the waiting area.
  • If you have to bring other children, it helps if another adult can come with you.

Remember to bring:

  • Your child’s provincial healthcare card.and birth certificate or passport
  • A list of all the medicine your child takes. This includes over the-counter medicines like vitamins and herbal supplements. If you need help with the list, you can ask your pharmacy for a printout or use Medication List and Tools.
  • Your guardianship papers (if applicable).
  • Books, games, and other items to keep your child busy while you wait.
  • All personal items that your child may need during this appointment.

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Finding Us

Your child’s pre-anesthetic consult will take place in the Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic located in Unit 1C3.

From the East Public Parkade, cross the pedway, pass the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute information desk. Continue straight down the hall until the t-intersection (blue wall).Turn right and head into the main area of the University of Alberta Hospital. Look for the spiral staircase or the glass elevators to take you to Level 1. Look for the Rexall Pharmacy. Continue towards the glass exit doors to 114 Street.  The Stollery Pre- Admission Clinic will be on your left.

From the Health Sciences/ Jubilee LRT stationYour (LRT ETS Info), enter the 114 street entrance, with the Stollery bear located above the door. The Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic is on your immediate right.

From the Public Underground Parking, take the elevators to Level 1. Unit 1C3 – Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic is located in the south-west section on Level 1 near the Rexall Pharmacy.

From the hospital entrances on 112th Street, you will enter on Level 1. Unit 1C3 – Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic is located in the south-west section on Level 1 near the Rexall Pharmacy.

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What to Expect

Your appointment may take up to three hours, please come prepared.

You will meet with an anesthesiologist who will ask you questions about your child’s health.

Your nurse will go over:

  • What to expect on the day of the operation and how to get your child ready for surgery.
  • Your child’s height, weight, and vital signs (e.g., blood pressure, temperature, breathing rate, and oxygen level) will be taken.
  • A review of all the medicine that your child is currently taking
  • Any other tests that your child needs for surgery. If a blood test is needed, numbing cream will be put on your child’s skin first.

Your nurse will also answer any questions or talk about any concerns that you may have. If you have questions about how to manage your child’s pain after surgery, speak with your nurse or the anesthesiologist.

You may meet other healthcare providers like a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a social worker, or a child life specialist. Your child's care team

The Stollery Children’s Hospital is a teaching hospital. We often have learners in our clinic so you may also see medical residents and health care students as members of your child’s care team.

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