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For Your Stay


  • For your child’s safety, your child must be fasting for surgery or your child’s surgery will be cancelled or delayed. Follow the instructions that you were given.
  • Food or drink is not allowed in the waiting area.
  • If you have to bring other children, it helps if another adult can come with you

Remember to bring:

  • Your child’s provincial healthcare card and birth certificate or passport.
  • Your guardianship papers for the child. (if applicable)
  • A list of all the medicine your child takes. This includes over the-counter medicines like vitamins and herbal supplements. If you need help with the list, you can ask your pharmacy for a printout or use Medication Lists and Tools
  • Bring any medical equipment, supplies, or medicine that your child needs during their stay. Bring medicine for the first 24 hours to ensure that there is no interruption to your child’s medication schedule
  • Books, games, and other items to keep your child busy while you wait
  • All the personal items that your child may need during their hospital stay
  • If you plan on staying overnight with your child, don’t forget to pack your own personal belongings and medicine too

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Finding Us

Same Day Admit Surgery is located in Unit 1C3, Stollery Pre-Admission Clinic.

From the East Public Parkade, cross the pedway, pass the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute information desk. Continue straight down the hall until the t-intersection (blue wall).Turn right and head into the main area of the University of Alberta Hospital. Look for the spiral staircase or the glass elevators to take you to Level 1. Look for the Rexall Pharmacy. Continue towards the glass exit doors to 114 Street. The Pediatric Pre Admission Clinic will be on your left.

From the Health Sciences/Jubilee LRT station (LRT ETS Info), enter the 114 street entrance, with the Stollery bear located above the door. The Pediatric Pre-Admission Clinic is on your immediate right.

From the Public Underground Parking, take the elevators to Level 1. Unit 1C3 – Pediatric Pre-Admission Clinic is located in the south-west section on Level 1 near the Rexall Pharmacy.

From the hospital entrances on 112th Street, you will enter on Level 1. Unit 1C3 – Pediatric Pre-Admission Clinic is located in the south-west section on Level 1 near the Rexall Pharmacy.

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What to Expect

Before Surgery

When you arrive on the unit (1C3), you will check in at the front desk. Your child will need to be registered if you have not done this yet. You will be asked for your child’s provincial healthcare card. You may be asked to show your child’s birth certificate or passport to verify the spelling of your child’s name or date of birth.

You will then wait in the waiting area. Food or drink is not allowed in the waiting area.

When it is your child’s turn, a nurse will greet you and take you and your child to a room to get ready for surgery. When it is time to go to the operating room, your nurse will let you know.

We do our best to make sure your child has their surgery as scheduled, but sometimes emergencies happen. This means that your child’s surgery may be delayed or have to be rescheduled. Your nurse will let you know if that happens and what happens next. If you have any questions or concerns during this time, talk to your child’s nurse.

During Surgery

While your child is in the operating room, you will be holding all of your child’s and your own personal belongings. Bring only what is needed in the hospital for you and your child for the first 24 hours, and only what you can carry.

You may have a few hours between your child going to the operating room and meeting up with your child after surgery. Before leaving the unit, make sure your cell phone number is up-to-date in your child’s chart and ask which Pediatric Inpatient unit your child will be going to after surgery.

After Surgery

After the procedure or surgery, your child will spend some time in the Post Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU) to recover from the anesthesia before going to the inpatient unit.

The best place to wait for your child is outside of the unit in the waiting area that your child is assigned to.

Patient Information provides information about a patient’s location.

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After Care

Care information specific to your child will be given to you by your child’s healthcare team before your child is released from hospital. We encourage you to ask questions about your child’s care during your child’s hospital stay. For more information on how to care for your child at home view after care handouts.

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Family Resources

For more information about your child’s surgery refer to Enter the name of your child’s surgery into the search field.


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