Patient & Visitor Guide

Sturgeon Community Hospital

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Wheelchairs depots are situated at the main entrances to the Sturgeon Community Hospital. Wheelchairs must be returned to any of the depots when leaving the hospital.

Accessibility Friendly Features
A number of washrooms, elevators, doorways, and designated disabled parking spaces are wheelchair accessible; bariatric wheelchairs may need to request assistance for some locations.


Bank machine can be found in the lobby near the main entrance. Change machines are located in the entrances of the main building and Emergency.

Gift Shops
The Sturgeon Community Hospital Auxiliary Volunteer Association operates a gift shop selling items like flowers, reading material, music, and  personal items. They are located on the main floor in the lobby near the main entrance. Learn more

Lost and Found
To check for lost items, contact Lost and Found.

Complimentary newspapers are delivered by the volunteers to the units each weekday morning.

Parking Machines
Parking machines located in the entrances of Emergency, main entrance and the Health Services Building.

Protective Services
Responsible for the safety of patients, staff and visitors. To check for lost items, call Lost and Found.

Cultural & Spiritual Care

Indigenous Health Program
Partners with Indigenous peoples, communities and key stakeholders to provide accessible, culturally appropriate health services for First Nations, Métis and Inuit people in Alberta.
Learn more or email

Spiritual Care
Chapel located on the basement level room 0126. Find spiritual and emotional support during your stay in the hospital. Learn more.

Help & Support

Help in Tough Times
At some point in our lives we all face tough times and we can be impacted directly or indirectly by such things as financial pressures or unexpected problems. Learn more

Mental Health Help Line
Available 24/7, confidential, providing information about mental health programs and services. Learn more.

Retail & Food Service

Vending Machines
Available in the Emergency waiting room, Out Patients reception area (coffee & water only) and main entrance by SHAVA gift shop.  They offer a selection of beverages and light snacks.

The cafeteria is located on the basement level. Learn more.

Staying Connected

Language Interpretation
Interpreters speaking many different languages are available to assist you through our multicultural program. The staff on your unit can make the necessary arrangements.

Patient Information
Find Patients, Patient Location Services, Visitor Information. Learn more.

Patient Well Wishes
As part of our support for patient care and comfort, friends and family of inpatients at hospital and health care facilities can send well wishes via email.

Watch for signs that show where cell phone use is prohibited.

Wireless Internet
Accessible for patients and their families. To access, select “healthspot” from the list of available networks, open a web browser, read the acceptable use policy, and select “Accept”.

Your Voice

Advance Care Planning
Will your family and healthcare team know your wishes, in case your ability to speak for yourself becomes affected? Learn more

Patient Feedback
Alberta Health Services values your input; we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us further improve the quality of Alberta’s health care system. Learn more

Patient-First Strategy
Albertans have told us they want health care that engages patients and families as full partners in their own care. Learn more

Thanks For Caring
If you missed the opportunity to thank someone for the care you received, now’s your chance. Learn more

Working Together: CoACT
Helping patients, families and care providers communicate and work together. Learn more