Patient & Family Centred Care

The Summit

At the Summit, we place clients and their families at the centre of all that we do and encourage active participation and partnership in all aspects of care.

Our vision is to ensure that Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) will be at the heart of all interactions, decisions, actions, programs, services and experiences at the Summit.

We want all clients and families engaged in Summit services to have the best possible mental health care experience.

working together

Ways that PFCC is Fostered at the Summit

Partnership in Care

Clients and their family members are partners with the health care team. We listen to and actively welcome your perspectives, beliefs, experiences and goals and incorporate them into our care plans.

Learning from You

We provide opportunities for clients and families to share feedback about our spaces and services.

Active Engagement

Clients and family members are actively involved in the planning and development of our services through our Youth and Family Advisory Councils.