Your Care Team

The Summit

The team at the Summit includes healthcare providers, physicians and staff who are all committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for care.

The following are some of the professionals that you may meet.

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Clinical Supervisors: oversee operations of our services and provide supervisory support to other health professionals.

Expressive Arts Therapists: specialize in art, music and horticulture therapy. They provide individual and group therapy sessions as a part of some of our programs and services.

Family Counsellors: provide direct clinical assessment, support and therapy for children/youth and their families. Family Counsellors work with you to identify interventions, resources and supports that will be helpful to treatment.

Family Support Social Workers: ensure that children/youth and families who require supports are referred or connected to appropriate programs or services.

Nurse Clinician: help to coordinate care between the various health professionals, especially when Psychiatry is involved. They also provide medical information, assess medical concerns and consult regarding medications.

Occupational Therapists: help children and youth improve their skills and emotional abilities to adapt and cope with illness.  Learn more.

Peer Support Workers: individuals with lived experience with mental health services. They provide support for children/youth and families to build support systems, connect with existing strengths, and navigate the mental health system.

Protective Services Officers: responsible for the safety of everyone in the building.

Psychiatrists: doctors who diagnose and treat mental health concerns.

Psychologists: conduct and interpret psychological assessments and make treatment recommendations. Learn more.

Recreation Therapists: work with children/youth and families to integrate recreation and leisure as a part of treatment and a balanced lifestyle. Learn more.

Registered Nurses: assess medical concerns, such as wound management, ingestion of dangerous substances and potential overdoses. They also support safety planning for clients who require it and provide general health information.

School Teachers (Calgary Board of Education): work in the Day Hospital to help children/youth transition back to their community school.

Spiritual Health Practitioners: foster spiritual wellbeing for individuals receiving care and their families/support people. Learn more.

Support Staff (Unit Clerks & Administrative Assistants): are first point of contact for anyone calling or coming into the Summit. They welcome people, assist with registration and booking appointments, and provide general information and support.

Therapy Assistants: work in the Day Hospital as a part of the care team to assist children and youth in achieving their treatment goals.