Therapeutic Support

The Summit

Supporting Clients

Expressive Arts Room
A creative space, on the second floor used for art, music and play therapy.

Liam’s Community Connections
This space on the second floor is a flexible medical clinic that enables a number of different programs (e.g. sexual and reproductive health) to provide services to children/youth at the Summit.

Ibbotson Gymnasium
Located on the second floor, the gym is used for recreation therapy.

Quiet Spaces
Several spaces are available throughout the building for children/youth who would benefit from some time in a non-stimulating environment as a part of their care with us.

Two school spaces are part of the Day Hospital program on the third floor. Children/youth in this program are able to continue to work on their schooling with a teacher from the Calgary Board of Education as a part of treatment.

Sensory Room
Located on the second floor, children/youth involved in our services may use this space as a part of their therapy.

Sport Court
The court, located outside at the back of the third level, is used by our Day Hospital program for recreation therapy.

Therapy Rooms
Each room is unique and has been designed to be comfortable and calm for children/youth and families.