South Zone Review

In all areas of Alberta Health Services, dedication to quality improvement and continual enhancement of patient care remains its priority. AHS launched an organization design review in South Zone, together with Capelle Associates, in January, 2018.

The goal of the review has been to further strengthen the current design through efficient allocation of resources, helping leaders and managers better understand their roles and responsibilities, and improving local decision-making, in turn leading to enhanced patient care.

The assessment phase of the South Zone review provided AHS with an opportunity to determine how work currently gets done – what is working and where there are opportunities for improvement. The review identified the importance of realigning the work of managers to ensure they are accountable for deliverables appropriate for their levels and capabilities.

Implementing the recommendations from the assessment will provide additional clarity and alignment of roles, accountabilities and authorities, and will streamline and enhance local decision making. This will also support improved integration and collaboration across the zone.

During the review, Capelle Associates found that the South Zone is operating at high efficiency with a lean administrative management structure, findings that are in agreement with data reported by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). CIHI data confirms that AHS continues to have the lowest administrative costs in Canada. These findings, combined with recognition as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers last year, signifies strong endorsement of the care provided to Albertans by our staff, physicians and volunteers every day.

There will be no job loss as a result of this review. Instead, programs will be realigned under single leaders to provide a more equitable division between the Senior Operating Officers in the South Zone, and to help ensure consistency in the delivery of patient services across the zone.

South Zone Review