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Project Summary

This project will evaluate the implementation and impact of an e-Mental Health (eMH) platform, Innowell, across Alberta. This platform will be used in AHS clinics, primary care networks, schools, and community organizations, and will be evaluated in partnership with researchers at the University of Calgary. This project promotes client-centered and recovery-oriented systems of care.

Platform Offers

Measurement-Based Care: Validated patient assessment across 20 mental health and substance use domains that identifies areas of risk and areas of strength to inform treatment planning and track progress. View e-Mental Health Domains & Assessments. Both the provider and client can view and monitor these scores. Learn more:

Virtual Support: A suite of curated virtual resources and apps to complement care and support client needs. 

Crisis Options: Crisis helplines and websites for clients in crisis or with high scores.

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This project complements other AMH Digital Tools for Treatment Planning in the digital space at Alberta Heath Services.

Youth Engagement

Incorporating client voice has been essential to e-Mental Health. Since the beginning of our project, our work has been informed by young people with lived and living experience of accessing mental health services in Alberta.

Phase One

Youth Leaders recruited from across the province to advise the project from the youth perspective. Some examples of their work include:

Phase Two

In fall 2023, the Youth Leads group expanded to include clients who have used the Innowell platform as part of their care. Adding this user experience will help further improve the project and drive innovation.


This project will determine the impact of e-Mental Health as a support to existing systems.

The research and evaluation team will assess the following aspects of this project:

  • Uptake of the e-Mental Health platform by clinical service providers and youth
  • Impact on the experience of delivering and receiving care
  • Clinical outcomes for youth and young adults
  • Mental health-related emergency department visits

The University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Boards (REB21-0343) has approved this study. The Principal Investigators are Dr. David Johnson, Alberta Health Services and Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos, University of Calgary.

This project is funded by a $1.9M investment by the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, $1M from Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions, and $2M from the Alberta Health Addiction & Mental Health COVID-19 Response Grant. AHS Provincial Addiction & Mental Health and the University of Calgary are rolling out the project in partnership with Primary Care Networks, AHS Addiction and Mental Health, schools, community-based organizations, and local youth.

Leadership & Providers - Get Involved

Are you a mental health provider offering free mental health services to youth and young adults aged 15-24? We are interested in working with providers at Alberta Health Services, primary care networks, schools, post-secondary institutions, and community organizations.

Learn more about our initiative in our eMH Expression of Interest

If you are interested in adopting the eMH project at your site, complete and submit our eMH Expression of Interest Application.

Project Resources


The e-Mental Health team hosts regular webinars on a variety of addiction and mental health (AMH) topics. The series is intended for healthcare providers, leadership, researchers, and innovators working in the AMH space.

Past events

Past events can be on viewed on the e-Mental Health YouTube Playlist.

June 2023: Measurement Across the Care Continuum

This webinar featured a panel discussion with site leadership from AHS, PCN, and school sites who are implementing measurement-based care through the e-Mental Health Project. Learn about the value these leaders find in the Innowell Platform, how they have dealt with challenges, and their thoughts on the future of mental health in Alberta.

December 2022: Amplify: Using Youth Voice to Level up Mental Health Care

This webinar aimed to show how youth leads have collaborated with the e-Mental Health project by:

  • Illustrating the Youth Lead’s work and what they hope to accomplish with the project
  • Sharing what the Youth Leads think of the eMH platform and ideas on how providers better can support clients with the tool
  • Discussing the experiences of the Youth Leads with the mental healthcare system in Alberta

Contact Us

If you have questions or you would like to get involved, email the e-Mental Health team emh@ahs.ca.