Professional Development

Medical Staff

From providing individual patient care to contributing to the overall improvement of our province’s healthcare system, Practitioners in Alberta have a great deal of responsibility and very little spare time. However, in addition to their clinical care responsibilities, AHS Practitioners are also expected to adhere to the Medical Staff Bylaws and other Clinical and Corporate Policies that outline processes and procedures for practicing in AHS facilities.

In order to help support Practitioners learn more about these processes and procedures, information and resources segregated by topic have been provided below.

Leadership Curriculum

Medical Affairs understands the pivotal role physician leaders play in the success and effectiveness of AHS. In order to support our medical leaders develop a wide range of skills and experience, AHS has created the Medical Leadership Curriculum which can assist you in creating individual development plans.

Providing Feedback

Providing feedback to others is one of the more challenging parts of the Leadership role. Whether during the normal course of our daily activities or in a more formalized process like Periodic Reviews, the following resources are designed to help you prepare for these interactions.


AHS Improvement Way (AIW)

Everyone has a role to play in improving processes and problem solving in our work. The AHS Improvement Way (AIW) provides the principles; knowledge and tools necessary to help make changes for the better - from quick, easy process changes in your area, to larger, more complex improvement work including site, zone or provincial projects. The following resources are designed to provide you with some initial information about AIW.