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MyLearningLink is the web-based portal AHS has created for a wide variety of learning opportunities for both employees and medical staff. In addition to instructor led courses, there are self-directed online courses which are available to take at any time.

Registration for all courses is through MyLearningLink. To log into the MyLearningLink portal from outside the AHS network, go to MyLearningLink and log in using the same username and password you would use if you were logging on to an AHS computer.

If you experience log in difficulties, please contact MLLSupport at helpmylearninglink@ahs.ca

Privacy and Information Security Training

All AHS staff, physicians, students, volunteers and contracted affiliates are required to complete mandatory privacy awareness training prior to commencing duties, and subsequently every three years afterwards.

Medical Staff can complete the required learning, titled Required Organizational Learning (ROL) - InfoCare - On Our Best Behaviours, by logging into the My Learning Link account and registering for the course. For renewals, users need to ensure that they re-register for the course rather than just reviewing the information previously completed.

To find the courses - log into MyLearningLink. On the left-hand side of the screen click on "courses and registration". You can then search for the required course by entering "On Our Best Behavior".

Once the course is completed it should appear in the "Completed" tab under "Learning Home".

If you experience difficulties, please contact MyLearningLink help at helpmylearninglink@ahs.ca.

Indigenous Learning

In the spirit of reconciliation, AHS also requires our people to complete Indigenous learning.

The two required learnings are:

  • Required Organizational Learning – Indigenous People in Alberta Introduction
  • Required Organizational Learning – Indigenous Awareness & Sensitivity Certification Program. This can be completed as seven eLearning modules or by attending a 3.5-hour workshop.

To find the courses – you can log in to MyLearningLink and register.

These courses provide information about Indigenous Peoples' history, social determinants of health, and strategies to help increase culturally safe care when working with the population. Leaders can request a facilitated virtual group learning session for the Awareness & Sensitivity Certification Program by emailing indigenous.education@ahs.ca.

MD Culture Shift Learning

The MD Culture Shift team, as part of AHS Physician Experience, offers programming to support a healthy work environment where all physicians feel safe, valued and able to thrive.  This team offers in person and virtual training opportunities in Trauma-Informed Leadership (CME accredited), burnout prevention and physician suicide awareness. 

To learn about upcoming offerings, or to book specific offerings for your group, contact: MDCultureShift@ahs.ca.

Physician Leadership Development

AHS has commissioned a report which reviews national and international leadership development programs for physicians. The reviews are based on evidence and information obtained from peer-reviewed literature; grey literature and online sources; and 53 conversations with leaders in healthcare from Canada, US, Australia and Europe.

Based on these findings, a list of considerations was created for AHS and other health organizations to consider when developing a physician leadership program. The findings are integrated into a change management and maintenance framework to provide a useful and grounded tool for physician leadership development strategies. Read the full report Physician Leadership Development Report.

  • Virtual Medical Leadership Development Series – hosted by Dr. Curtis Johnson. Monthly CME-accredited virtual seminars (1.5 hours) on topics related to medical leadership processes and knowledge. Each session is focused on one or two related topics with speakers, and time for discussion or small breakaway groups. To register, contact MDCultureShift@ahs.ca
  • Trauma-Informed Leadership Training (TILT) – hosted by Certified Community and Workplace Traumatologists on the MD Culture Shift team. Physicians, healthcare providers and healthcare leaders have experienced collective trauma (with the pandemic) and there is growing recognition of other longstanding sources of trauma in healthcare environments. With unprecedented levels of burnout, there is a great need for a compassionate and trauma-informed approach to leadership to create a healthy workplace culture. This course is available for open enrolment on MyLearningLink or you can contact MDCultureShift@ahs.ca.

AHS Leadership Development

AHS physicians also have access to leadership development opportunities available to AHS employees.  

  • MyLearningLink: Offers instructor-led and online eLearning courses focused on leadership development. To learn more, visit Learning Navigator on Insite (AHS credentials required).
  • Harvard ManageMentor: Harvard ManageMentor is now open to everyone at AHS. Stay on top of the latest thinking and proven practices from Harvard Business Review through bite-sized, on-demand videos, articles and modules. Topics include how we can work better together, how we can manage our careers, time, change and stress, how we can improve our budgeting, presentations and strategic-thinking skills. For more information contact learning@ahs.ca.
  • AHS Leadership Development Program: This program is a cohort-based leadership program designed to be an immersive experience that combines social learning, eLearning, and peer-and-leader coaching. These programs are guided by our AHS values and competencies and support the development of leadership skills and behaviors aligned with our Leadership Capability Framework (LEADS). The time commitment is three hours per week for 12 weeks. To learn more, contact leadershipdevelopmentprogram@ahs.ca or visit Insite (AHS credentials required).
    • Emerging Stream: Designed for those who lead through influence and are not in formal leadership roles and those interested in moving into leadership.
    • Foundational Stream: This program is available to formal leaders of teams and programs. 
    • Advance Leadership Stream: Designed for leaders of leaders and those that lead strategic initiatives.

CMA Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) Courses

Leadership training is an important aspect of the Canadian Health Care system. Courses offered by the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) can help you become a more effective Medical Leader. AHS has partnered with PLI to offer our Medical Staff specially designed leadership development opportunities.

For more information regarding an upcoming PLI course, contact MDCultureShift@ahs.ca.

CMA Physician Fundamentals

In addition to PLI courses, the CMA offers free and accredited self-study learning available to all physicians through Physician Fundamentals.

  • Leadership Essentials Learning Series: These courses recognize that physicians are seen as leaders even if they’re not in formal leadership roles. Leadership Essentials courses are focused on developing skills to influence, engage and communicate with the members of your health care team. They help build the non-clinical skills you need for a successful practice with these free, on-demand learning opportunities, open to all physicians.
  • Early Career Learning Series: Starting your career can present many challenges that medical school or residency may not have prepared you for. The Early Career Learning Series can help increase awareness and competency in key areas that are crucial to your success as a physician. Current topics include, “Finding Meaning and Purpose in Medicine”, “Relationship Tips for Busy Docs”, “Influencing Up for Early Career Physicians”.

Clinical Development Opportunities

In addition to leadership professional development, there are also a variety of Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities available to all Practitioners in Alberta.

  • Lifelong Learning – The University of Alberta faculty of Medicine & Dentistry offers a variety of medical education and professional development opportunities.
  • Continuing Medical Education – The University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine offers a broad range of evidence-based accredited learning opportunities for physicians and other health professionals. Their learning opportunities come in a variety of formats including face-to-face, webinars, e-learning and blended learning.


Accreditation, conducted by Accreditation Canada expert peer reviewers, is a process we use to prove and improve our standards of care. Physician input is critical to the success of this continuous cycle of assessment.

The AHS physician leader for Accreditation is Dr. Brent Friesen. If you would like to be discuss the accreditation process, contact him at brent.friesen@ahs.ca or 403-943-1279.

Additional Information

For more information visit Accreditation

Medical Reconciliation

Knowing a patient's complete medication list is critical to providing safe care. Medication Reconciliation (MedRec) is a structured process in which healthcare providers work together with patients, clients, families and care providers to ensure accurate and complete medication information is communicated consistently. This ensures that medications being added, changed or discontinued are carefully assessed and decisions are documented.

For more information, refer to MedRec Info for Physicians.

Calgary Zone

A video has been developed which provides step by step instructions to complete the MedRec process within Calgary's urban hospitals. View MedRec process video.