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Funding for the Bridgeland Riverside Continuing Care Center was confirmed in the provincial budget. Design for the Bridgeland Riverside Continuing Care Centre is complete and demolition of the Cross Bow building was completed in June 2019. The Development Permit has been submitted to the City of Calgary with a probable construction start in 2020/2021 and it will take approximately 3 years to build. If you are interested in getting regular updates or to share your feedback on the Project please register at "Sign Up - Have your say."


$130.5 million


  • This project will help meet an urgent need in the community to increase access to residential continuing and complex care.
  • This project will also relieve pressure on Calgary hospitals by reducing the number of people waiting in hospital for a continuing care space. In addition to residential care, the facility will also provide outpatient and day program services for seniors.
  • There will be about 200 clients living in the care centre. Approximately half will be on secure floors, and half on unsecured. There’ll be a mixture of adults and seniors with a wide range of care needs from simple to complex. Those with more complex care could include dementia, brain injury, mental illness, addiction issues or developmental disability.
  • The most complex residents will reside and be restricted to within one of the secure units. They are only allowed to leave the facility under the supervision of staff. A secure outdoor space will be built into the overall design to meet their needs to access the outdoors in a safe manner.
  • The facility design will support the residents through patient and family centered care concepts that include incorporating natural light, pathways and gardens. Consideration will be given to integrate parks and pathways from the centre to the local community in order to ensure easy access to local transit and amenities.
  • The project is currently in the design phase, with community engagement underway.

Developed by:

Alberta Health Services, Alberta Infrastructure and Carewest

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