Calgary Radiopharmaceutical Centre (with Cyclotron)

Calgary Zone, Capital Projects


  • Alberta Infrastructure (AI) and Alberta Health Services (AHS) are proposing the construction of Calgary’s first, and Alberta’s third, Cyclotron-based radiopharmacy and radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility.
  • The province is committed to support the development of the facility to provide southern Albertans better access to diagnostic imaging for a large variety of diseases and conditions including cancer, cardiac, and neurological.
  • The new Calgary Radiopharmaceutical Centre will enable an expansion of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning capacity in Southern Alberta and continuity of Single Photon (SPECT) imaging and kit manufacturing facility. Patient experience will be improved by providing a new radiopharmaceutical supply to Southern Alberta and offer access to additional PET/SPECT imaging opportunities due to manufacturing and production of a broader scope of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.
  • The CRC will be centrally located on an empty lot on the east side of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre on the Foothills Medical Centre campus. This option is preferred because it is close in proximity to the diagnostic imaging area, and also suitably close to the new Arthur J.E. Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre and the University of Calgary Foothills Campus facilities. The resulting short transport distance allows the preparation and use of short half-lived isotopes.

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