Cardston Health Centre - Business Case

South Zone, Capital Projects

Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the Government of Alberta (GOA) are committed to working to improve services and enhance healthcare delivery in the Cardston area. Business case activities to support replacement of the Cardston Health Centre (CHC) are now underway and will continue until mid-2023.  Alberta Infrastructure (AI), is leading the business case, with Alberta Health (AH) and AHS’ input. This includes input into the care and service delivery models of the future health centre.

The business case work is divided into two stages.

  • AHS has begun work to provide input on the model of service delivery, which will inform the business case. The project team is consulting with AHS and AH staff, physician, administration and community stakeholders including the Blood Tribe Department of Health (BTDH), the Town of Cardston and surrounding Counties to explore recommendations regarding services, programs and operational model options for a new facility.
  • In the coming months AI, AH and AHS will begin work on the Business Case to explore infrastructure options for a new health centre. Business Case options analysis will including facility size estimates, potential site locations and capital cost estimates. Input will be provided through multiple working groups, which include AH and local AHS physicians, clinical staff, leaders and key stakeholders. 

The Business Case will help Government make future funding decisions. AHS and the Government of Alberta will collaborate to inform project stakeholders, such as the BTDH, Blood Tribe Reserve leadership and the Town of Cardston and surrounding Counties on the status of the Business Case.