Information Requests


To submit a FOIP access request, visit the AHS Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act Portal. You will be required to register for an account or sign in to an existing account.

You can use the portal to submit FOIP access requests to AHS and Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL), check the status of your requests and receive your responses electronically.

Note: This portal does not accept requests for health information. Please see the Access and Disclosure page for information on how to submit a HIA access request to AHS.

Helpful Information to Review Prior to Submitting a Request

The FOIP Act gives access to records subject to limited and specific exceptions held by public-sector bodies. Before submitting a request:

Check to see if the information is already in the public domain. For example:

The Ministry of Health (Alberta Health)

Alberta Health - Health Information Act (HIA) - Access - Alberta Netcare processes health information access requests for the following:

  • Statement of Medical Benefits Paid (SOPBs)
  • Netcare Audit Logs
  • Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) Logs
  • Personal Health Information Access Requests

Submit a FOIP Request To the Ministry of Health & Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions

Submit a Government of Alberta FOIP Request to Any Other Ministry