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Connect Care Sequencing Update – November 2021

In September 2021, we delayed Connect Care’s Wave 4 launch and that of subsequent waves in order to support patients and healthcare teams as Alberta faced an overwhelming wave four of the pandemic.

New plans have shifted the existing sequencing for each Connect Care wave six months into the future. This extends over all timelines, however, the content of each wave remains the same. The new launch dates are: Wave 4: May 14, 2022 and Wave 5: November 6, 2022.

Training will commence in January 2022. Staff and prescribers already trained for these upcoming launches will not require retraining. Instead, prior to launch they will undertake an assessment of their knowledge to ensure they are prepared to work in Connect Care.

Thank you for your ongoing work to prepare for Connect Care where it was possible, and for being redeployed into areas that desperately needed your help.

Connect Care

With the help of a shared provincial clinical information system, the Connect Care initiative will help improve patient outcomes and support consistent use of health information across Alberta. It will replace nearly 1,300 clinical information systems currently in place across Alberta Health Services (AHS).

When fully implemented, Connect Care will help physicians do their best possible work and focus on providing care.

About Connect Care

What is Connect Care?
Through a common provincial clinical information system, Connect Care will enable consistent practices across Alberta and will improve the care we provide for patients and their families.

The whole healthcare team, including patients, will have the best possible information throughout the care journey. Healthcare will be improved for both patients and healthcare providers.

Why should physicians care about Connect Care?

Connect Care will allow physicians to conveniently access clinical records and tools anywhere, anytime. This includes things like schedules, patient panels, team communications, order co-signs, clinical images and minor procedure documentation.

The Clinical Information System (CIS) brings together everything a clinician needs to get work done, including decision support, communication, dictation, image management, and tools for quality improvement, research and teaching resources.

Connect Care will also streamline work and provide better care coordination and better connections with patients, caregivers and plans. Physicians will also have the opportunity to personalize elements of the system, aligning their ways of working with a common process or goal.

How can physicians participate in Connect Care?

Connect Care relies on the support and input of physicians to realize these benefits. Diverse physician contributions have proved invaluable to Connect Care groundwork, direction setting, system design and validation.

Through testing, training and readiness activities, new types of physician contributions will help keep Connect Care on course through implementation and optimization. There are many leadership roles that physicians bring to the Connect Care initiative, and many more contributions that are embedded in everyday clinical practice.

To learn more about the different opportunities please see the Connect Care Clinician Handbook: Physician Participation.


The Chief Medical Information Office is eager to hear from clinicians and other stakeholder communities. General inquiries? Contact

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