Accessing AHS Email & Intranet

Medical Staff

Accessing and utilizing your AHS email account is an easy process for AHS physicians. Your AHS email allows you to stay connected with colleagues, the organization and important news and updates.

Getting an AHS Email Address

All physicians with privileges in AHS facilities can access their AHS email address ( for their professional use. Your email login information will also give you access to AHS’ intranet page Insite.

To retrieve this email, and to ensure access on a mobile device, AHS physicians must follow these steps:

  1. Get in contact with your Zone’s Medical Affairs office with your intention to activate your AHS email account
  2. Zone Medical Affairs offices will then request an account on your and let you know when the process is completed
  3. You will then receive instructions from Zone Medical Affairs on how to activate your account

How to Access AHS Insite

As an AHS physician, you can access AHS’ intranet page Insite from any computer at an AHS facility, using your login credentials. You can also access AHS Insite and your AHS email remotely or from home by visiting and logging in using your AHS credentials.

For more information visit the AHS Staff page.

How to Access to AHS Email on your Mobile Device

Once you have access to your email, you can access it on your email address by contacting your zone’s IT Service Desk.

Your local IT Service Desk will give you the documentation to properly set up your AHS email on your smart phone.