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Accessing AHS Email & Intranet

Medical Staff

Accessing and utilizing your AHS email account is an easy process for AHS physicians. Your AHS email allows you to stay connected with colleagues, the organization and important news and updates.

Using Your AHS Email Address

All members of the AHS Medical Staff are assigned an AHS email address for their professional use. It is typically but it may vary slightly.

How to Access AHS Email via Webmail

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your usual AHS network username and password, just as you would do to log onto an AHS computer.

How to Access AHS Email on Your Personal Mobile Device

Encrypting Messages Using Your AHS Email Account

Messages sent from one AHS email to another are secure without any additional steps. When sending an email with sensitive information from an AHS email address to a non-AHS email address, the message must be encrypted.

How to Access AHS Insite

As a member of the AHS Medical Staff, you can access AHS’ intranet page Insite from any computer at an AHS facility, using your AHS network username and password. You can also access AHS Insite remotely by visiting and logging in using your AHS network username and password.


If you need to reset your password, go to and click on the Forgot Your Password link.

If you are sure you have entered your network username and password correctly but are still not able to access your inbox, please contact the Medical Staff Office of your primary Zone in case there was a problem creating your account.