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R & I Clinical Research Grants

The Glenrose Hospital Foundation and Research & Innovation hold a clinical research grant competition to provide support to researchers who wish to conduct clinical translational research that will improve the care and outcomes of Glenrose patients. The Glenrose Hospital Foundation generously sponsors the competition.


  • The principal investigator must be a GRH employee, including nursing and/or allied health professional, or
  • The principal investigator must be a physician affiliated with the GRH, or
  • The principal investigator must hold an academic appointment with the University of Alberta, be eligible to hold funding at the U of A and be in receipt of a letter confirming GRH affiliate status.


The grant may be used for pilot studies (seed funding) which lead to grant applications to larger funding agencies, as well as for smaller studies focused on GRH patient populations for which other funding sources are limited.

Grants will be awarded to studies that demonstrate the following in one of the four pillars of research:

  • Scientific merit – leading edge questions that address important issues
  • Relevance to GRH patient populations and strategic directions
  • Potential to positively impact clinical practice at the GRH
  • Potential to build research capacity at the GRH.  For example, GRH employees who are new/ junior researchers from nursing or allied health professions addressing a clinical issue
  • Innovative or cutting-edge methodology or technology
  • Feasibility to complete the study within specified timeframes and within budget
  • Knowledge translation or mobilization plan that incorporates findings into clinical practice at the GRH.

Pillars of Research

  • Understanding Child Developmental Health
  • Improving Function for People with Chronic Conditions
  • Advancing Function Through Assistive Technology
  • Anticipating the Needs of an Aging Population

Application Information

The Clinical Research Grant competition will not be held in 2023.


All research studies funded through the Glenrose Hospital Foundation must acknowledge their support. For example, wording for posters etc., “This research has been funded by the support of the Glenrose Hospital Foundation through Research & Innovation."

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