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GRH Clinical Research Grants

Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, we will not be holding a competition in 2020.

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is pleased to offer this unique funding opportunity to GRH employees, GRH nursing and/or allied health professionals, Physicians affiliated with the GRH and GRH Research Affiliates:

  • To support well-defined, innovative and feasible research studies that are of high quality, relevant to GRH patient populations and have the potential to impact clinical practice and/or improve health outcomes.
  • To build research capacity at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital by providing opportunities for front-line (nursing and allied health professionals) to be engaged in the research process by addressing a clinical issue (enhance research skills, increase understanding of research administration and processes).
  • To provide support for clinical research that is relevant and translatable to improving one of the four pillars of research:
    • Understanding Child Developmental Health
    • Improving Function for People with Chronic Conditions
    • Advancing Function Through Assistive Technology, and
    • Anticipating the Needs of an Aging Population

Any questions regarding the Clinical Research Grant can be directed to the Glenrose Research Office at 780-735-8291 or

2018 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Research Grant

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation recognize the value of investing in rehabilitation research that enables persons with disorders related to the stress of serving in Canada’s defense forces or as part of a first responder’s team to remain independent and capable of participating in all aspects of life.

This grant opportunity is intended to encourage research into innovative ways and means of supporting persons with post-traumatic stress, operational stress or related disorders and reducing the burden of care experienced by their families. The award encourages the formation of multidisciplinary teams that can develop interventions that improve outcomes for those serving in the military, veterans, and first responders or their families and have the capacity and interest in continuing this research over the longer term.

Any questions regarding the PTSD/OSI Research Grant can be directed to the Glenrose Research Office at 780-735-8291 or